Newly-formed corporate entity or community interest company?

Newly-formed corporate entity or community interest company?

MelSa Productivity provides a diligent and knowledgeable operations & compliance-focused project management service to help newly-formed firms to start and maintain their business operations in the best way possible.

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“Money is made by efficiency – invest in it.” 

– Mike Michalowicz

Do you find yourself constantly getting nervous thinking about everything that needs to be done (or that hasn’t been done) within your business in order to meet all of those deadlines and obligations that are looming on the horizon?

Well, you have come to the right place!

MelSa Productivity supports “start-up” corporate limited companies and social impact organisations with their (boring, but important) core obligations so that they can start off on the right foot and have a greater impact, whilst focusing on the bigger picture.

Bespoke Corporate Start-up Project Management Service in London

The Engineer of Calm

I am Melody Sadé Abeni, the Engineer of Calm® for newly-formed business-to-business limited companies, community interest companies (CICs) and complex business structures within the financial services and management consultancy sectors. 

As I work remotely, I can support most boutique firms regardless of where they might be located – and I can do so as effectively and efficiently as possible, without adding anything unnecessary to your expense calculations!  

My clients work with me because:

I speak their language

Having worked within fast-paced consultancies & investment firms, I appreciate a high standard of work and processes, the need for reliability and the importance of how business leaders present themselves to their clients.

I'm attentive

I am selective with whom I choose to work with and purposely limit the number of clients who have my attention at any one time. My focus is on building long-term relationships, regardless of the nature of the work.

I care

Running a business is hard and life doesn’t wait for you in the background. As well as a capable pair of hands, I also lend you a non-judgmental pair of ears - I am genuinely listening and I will protect your time/mental load where necessary.

If you solely see your business support function as a glorified stationery procurer, or you’ve decided that you’re managing fine all on your own (show off!) then this service isn’t for you.

But, if you:

  • Have reached a 'tipping point' where you know that your business can grow faster if you just stop micromanaging everything...
  • Have no idea where to start in terms of hiring someone with the right experience and interpersonal skills...
  • Would like to work with someone who cares about your organisation as well as you as a person, first and foremost, and who will have your back in both the practical and the holistic matters...

…then this service is definitely for you!

In summary: I think in human-centred systems, as I’m a legal geek and an ex-clinical rehabilitation therapist who also comes from a process-driven background in the corporate world.

Would you like me to bring the essence of those experiences to help your productivity and, ultimately, your bottom line?

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