The Engineer of Calm®

The Engineer of Calm®

I help B2B companies & service providers to use their words effectively.

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“Money is made by efficiency – invest in it.” 

– Mike Michalowicz

If you’re looking for a lengthy sales page with long-winded sentiments, vague promises and fluff, you won’t find it here!

My business writing services (ghostwriting, copyediting and audio transcription for recorded content) help B2B companies & service providers to express themselves in a clear and thoughtful manner – I write for entrepreneurs who know what they want to say, but are unsure of how to say it.

I only work with businesses that understand the value of other people’s time and attention. Together, we can ensure that you make the most impact with your message and keep your audience engaged.

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Clients work with me because:

I speak their language

I come from a background of fast-paced consultancies & investment firms so I appreciate a high standard of work. I also understand the importance of how business leaders present themselves to their clients.

I am diligent

I'm selective with whom I choose to work, and I limit the number of simultaneous projects that have my attention. My focus is on building respectful long-term relationships, regardless of the type of work.

If you see your service providers as an interchangeable commodity, then I am unlikely to be a good fit for your requirements.

But if you have:

…then this service is definitely for you!

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