I'm Melody Sadé Abeni *

*Also known as The Engineer of Calm®

“Would you mind taking a look at this letter?”

“Do you have time to review this deck?”

“Can I ask you to write an email for me, please?”

“Can you take the lead on writing this report?”

After realising that requests like these kept popping up time and time again in almost every role, project, and hobby, eventually I started paying attention… and so I went on to create MSA Copywriting with one simple mission:

To help human-centred businesses reach their people in the most effective and intelligent way.

And as a self-proclaimed word nerd, it’s my pleasure to help! I enjoy supporting “corporate escapees” to thrive in doing what they’re best at doing. 

My training and professional experience allow me to appreciate processes and systems that work well – so let me bring those elements into your business to help you work well so you can make more money and have a greater impact.

You'll like working with me because:

I speak your language

Besides my credentials, I also come from a fast-paced commercial background and understand how you can position yourself as an expert and a leader - without sounding like a robot in the process!

I care about your results

When it comes to your success, I leave no stone unturned.
I always ask the right questions and listen carefully because it's all about meeting your client at their point of need.
No unnecessary hype. No gimmicks.

But don't just take my word for it:

For full testimonials and further details, visit my LinkedIn profile

To read more of my original (personal) writing, visit my Medium profile.

**Oh, and one last thing: did you know that I’m also experienced in company governance and provide a virtual Company Secretarial service for limited companies and limited liability partnerships? Click here for details.