I am Melody Sadé

As MelSa Productivity’s Chief Engineer of Calm®, I have an affinity for those who focus on creating a positive social impact with what they do.

So I created MelSa Productivity with one simple mission: to offer a premium experience for smaller companies that create a more personalised experience than the large ones.

The combination of my education and professional experience means I appreciate processes and systems that work well. Allow me to bring those elements into your business to help you work well so you can make more money and have a greater impact!

Existing clients choose to work with me because I make intelligent decisions. I care about what I do and always aim to ask the right questions and listen carefully.

In short: I meet clients at their point of need and work with them to make sense of what’s needed for their success. Then I get on with the necessary on their behalf!

I am passionate about helping corporate escapees to create an environment where they can do what they are best at doing – and so I created MelSa Productivity so I can do just that!

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