Is it me, or did January seem shorter than usual this year? As in, it felt like the length of a normal month rather than the exaggerated month it usually is…

I mean, yes, I got the usual feeling of “meh” with the darker mornings and short days, but I didn’t really notice the time speeding by. It was almost like groundhog day – though I suppose that’s been the theme for most of the pandemic period. The concept of time has been weird since March 2020.

When will this end? Will we ever get back to some sort of normality? What does normal look like, anyway? Stay tuned to find out next week…

Moving on, I’ve been collecting some interesting links from my virtual travels around the web which I’ve compiled for you below. Enjoy!

To read:

To watch:

Recently, I’ve been thinking about my consumption of leather and animal products, in general – but this documentary about the tanneries in Italy was eye-opening in terms of the human cost.

I am side-eyeing the hell out of luxury brands, particularly those that rely on the aesthetic of the people these factories are exploiting:

I went looking for the A Tough Story of Leather report mentioned (the one that the officials denounce as fake news) and found it.


Lockdown mood…

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