We’re inching ever closer to Spring and it’s a yay from me! 

I’m enjoying the milder weather, the lighter mornings, and the longer days – all we need now is some warmth (and some alfresco dining opportunities, which are hopefully coming soon!) 

At the time of editing this post, we are expecting another update from the PM in a few hours about what’s happening next with the national lockdown restrictions. I’m cautiously optimistic based on reporting so far, but we shall see…

Anyway, here’s this week’s selection of curated links for you to enjoy:

To read:

  • There’s been much talk about SPACs in pretty much all of my daily business newsletters, so I thought it would probably be a good idea to look into what these actually are. And in perfect timing, this week’s edition of The Economist includes an article which takes a closer look at the supposed SPAC boom on Wall Street vs the traditional IPO route. Here, they ask if it makes sense – the not-so-short answer: maybe, it depends.
  • Don’t you just love it when businesses take steps to (genuinely) become more responsible? I, too, am enamoured by the concept of impact investing to solve some of the world’s enormous problems, like climate change and global female literacy. However, according to the Harvard Business Review, the current rules won’t let it be great – the benevolent investments apparently just aren’t as profitable, and the harmful investments don’t have any financial penalties for the damage they cause.
  • Here’s another excuse to leave your camera off during those video conference calls: a study by researchers from Purdue University, Yale University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that “one hour of videoconferencing or streaming, for example, emits 150-1,000 grams of carbon dioxide (a gallon of gasoline burned from a car emits about 8,887 grams), requires 2-12 liters of water and demands a land area adding up to about the size of an iPad Mini” – but, you can reduce that footprint by 96% if you keep your camera off. So stay hidden – it’s good for the planet.

To watch:

I came across this Tom Bilyeu interview – and Vusi Thembekwayo – after someone in one of my copywriting communities shared it for some afternoon inspiration. 

There are some serious gems in here about self-identity, especially in relation to “valid excuses” vs “PC coddling”. He gets right to the heart of something I’ve been trying to articulate for quite some time, and in such a way that was almost like a slap upside the head.

My favourite line in the interview: “Do you want the identity or do you want the progress? Because you can’t have both.” 🔥

Now onto the video (1 hour):


Netflix are such trolls…

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