Simplifying your business processes

Let’s talk about simplifying your business processes. Have you ever felt like certain processes in your business have suddenly become extra-complicated or messy?

You know the one: that thing that used to be someone else’s problem has now become your problem because everyone has been focused on various other things, meaning that no one has noticed that it has become a problem.

It often happens at the worst of times too!

There is a good chance that your business has been run solely by you (and perhaps a partner or two) since it began, so it’s likely that your focus has been on generating income and growing your team rather than making sure that your basic processes are clear and easy to replicate.

That’s not so much of an issue when it’s just you – however, if you want your business to grow independently of you, then it’s important to get this aspect of running your business right.

Today’s blog post is going to be a case study based on one of MelSa Productivity’s previous clients. Here, we will be taking a brief look at how we were able to work together to simplify their processes and the impact that had on their overall workflow. Read on to find out more.

Setting the scene

I was introduced to the managing director of a small asset management firm in a specialist industry as their firm’s Office Manager had recently left the company and they were having some difficulty understanding what was going on in terms of their day-to-day office processes.

The firm employed a team of 10 who all worked on various service delivery tasks. In the absence of the Office Manager, each team member also had a delegated responsibility to look after a particular internal process; however, it transpired that no one really knew who was looking after what.

To add to the confusion: several login details were still kept in the name of ex-staff members from previous years, none of the current team members knew where to find key pieces of contractual information from suppliers and there was no central accounts payable process, meaning that supplier invoices were frequently overdue.

Needless to say, the director just wanted to be able to regain control of the situation!

What we did

There were three key things that we did to be able to simplify this firm’s business processes:

1. We decided that I would take control of all the internal processes and spend some time as the office “go-to”, supporting the wider team. This allowed me to get a sense of the big picture and to identify what was missing and where.

2. Based on those gaps identified, I created a centralised company handbook (the ‘Operating Manual’), various checklists and an electronic filing system. These were then reviewed by the managing director.

3. Once the above was signed off by the managing director, I set up a cloud-based documents library, including templates and key information – accessible by all team members. Now there was no excuse for lack of knowledge!

What was the result?

The business function started, and continued, to run like a well-oiled machine.

Simplifying their business processes also meant that it was easy to complete the handover to new members of staff going forward.

The managing director was also finally able to breathe a sigh of relief…

So, as you can see by the above case study, there is much to be gained by taking the step to regain control of your business processes. By simplifying these processes, you make it much easier to grow your business both sustainably and efficiently.

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