Dear Reader,

If you’ve previously visited this blog in the past, you may have noticed that it looks a little different from how it used to… 

For starters, it’s looking a little more sparse in terms of the articles and topics that you used to be here – which is fine (and was done on purpose!)

Where have all the old posts gone?

During a recent time of reflection, I sat down and reviewed all the content that used to be here and I just thought to myself, “This isn’t me, at all.” 

Frankly, I didn’t like them; therefore, I didn’t share them anywhere which kind of defeats the purpose… I found it difficult to see that any of my personality came across in those articles.

There’s a huge difference between writing something because you feel that you have to provide something “sales-y” and appropriately SEO-friendly in order to attract the right people you want to work with via the major search engines, as per the prevailing marketing advice around content marketing, versus writing an article for the enjoyment of sharing something that you’re passionate about.

I’m moving towards the latter so all of those articles that didn’t feel authentic enough to me, personally, have now disappeared into the ether of my website hosting space, because the chances are: if I found them a chore to write, and boring to read, then it’s probably likely that you did too – and no one wants to waste their precious time reading boring “fluff” pieces!

So, on that note, what are you passionate about?

I’m a firm believer in the power of having an optimistic mindset and finding a good balance for your overall wellbeing. If you follow my social media accounts, you will see that I share a selection of uplifting quotes which resonate with me so that I can encourage and inspire others, as well as myself! I’m on both Instagram and LinkedIn.

I’m also a keen supporter of smaller charitable causes with a strong mission to have a positive social impact within their immediate community. I have been (and still am) a community volunteer for various charities in the past few years – the flexibility of working for myself has allowed me to be able to support them with my time and energy.

Finally, I am working towards ensuring that MelSa Productivity remains a completely location-independent business as I love to travel and explore. Monitoring your company governance is an important activity that is always relevant and necessary for all registered companies, regardless of its location and/or business sector; therefore, Covid-permitting, there will be more adventures to share in the future! 

What can we expect going forward?

A lot more authenticity and a lot less “clutter” – I promise to only post thoughtful and insightful content!

Most of us understand that running a business is actually not all business, and I hope that these articles will reflect that holistic view, alongside giving you a more authentic picture of the person behind the brand.

This year has been… interesting, to say the least. There has been devastating loss but also myriad opportunities for those who are in the right frame of mind to notice them. Personally, I’m not 100% convinced that I would have been so open to the personal insight that I’ve learned over the past year if not for the enforced time of solitude and reflection, but I am grateful for it.

Going forward, it’s up to us to be sure that we make the most of the time and opportunities that are available to us at any given moment because, well, you never know…

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