The Process

How to Work With MelSa

Once you have decided on which service(s) you would like me to help you with, the next steps are:

The Process - Work With MelSa

1. Consultation

We have an open discussion on your business requirements, both current and future, and we then decide on a way forward.

2. Agreement

We set out a clear process for your requirements and we also agree on our preferred way of working with each other, under MelSa Productivity Limited's General Terms of Business.

3. Onboarding

We sign a Service Agreement (or Booking Form) and you receive your invoice, which will reflect your chosen service level. Then once we have completed the administrative process, you can sit back and breathe a sigh of relief because (in the words of Ms Olivia Pope): "it’s handled."

I will always be transparent with you when it simply won’t be possible to provide a suitable solution for what you have asked for. Where necessary, I will suggest an alternative, more appropriate solution for the relevant task.

Once we have agreed on what you need, your service can begin fairly quickly; however, please note that full services will only begin on receipt of a signed Service Agreement/Booking Form.

As an independently registered business, MelSa Productivity is fully insured, ICO registered, DBS vetted and solely responsible for the relevant overheads – so all that’s left for you to do is to invest in outsourcing your business support headaches!

Let’s talk about your requirements in more detail – click on the button below to get started.