How much do you value your time? Let’s look at the numbers…

Today, I want to ask you two things about how much you value your time:

1. How much is your time worth to you?
2. What value do you place on the tasks that you do each day?

Do these values match, especially when it comes to your business?

We often see the same quote floating around the internet about the magic bank account (of time) that gives you £86,400 (or said amount of seconds) each day, along with a precautionary statement warning you to make the most each day.

Time and time again, people find that they are investing their valuable seconds in tasks that really aren’t worth their time – and so they look to delegate.

In doing so, they come across the ever-growing industry of Virtual Assistants and think to themselves that it sounds like exactly what they need. The only thing is: with all of the options and price ranges available out there, it’s slightly overwhelming!

Local or offshore? Hourly or monthly? How much time do they even need? Where do they even start?

Do you value your time?

Our team works within the UK market primarily serving the needs of boutique finance, legal and management consultancy firms that are either newly-formed or their revenue and scale are on the cusp of growth.

Here, it’s not just admin or technical support for the sake of it – it’s finding a way out of the chaos and creating that space for growth and further opportunities.

So then I hear you say: what’s the benefit of contracting a Virtual Executive Assistant over simply hiring a permanent member of staff?

It’s a valid question, particularly if you browse a typical jobs board and look at the salaries on offer for full-time positions.

The key point missing here though is that there’s no mention of the hidden resource costs that come with a conventional hiring strategy.

To see what I mean, let’s look at the numbers in more detail:

Executive Assistant
(London Average)

TOTAL = £49,056 per year (£4,088 per month) 

Inclusive of: annual leave, sick days, a desk in your office space and unlimited time spent browsing Instagram, having cigarette breaks, responding to WhatsApp chat groups, etc.

Not inclusive of: agency placement fees (usually 20-25% of the annual salary), equipment, insurance, training costs, private healthcare, and discretionary bonuses. 


MelSa Productivity
Virtual Executive

TOTAL = £2,400 + VAT per month (for a 60-hour package)

Flexible contract, with no additional costs aside from pre-approved business expenses incurred on your behalf. 

Looking at it in that way, that “lower” salary might not seem as cost-effective as it initially appeared, especially if you factor in the time and resources required to review CVs, interview, train and induct a new member of staff. 

And there’s no guarantee that the person you hire has the necessary technical and interpersonal skills to look after your business operations, both online and offline.

The benefit of retaining one of MelSa Productivity’s Virtual Executive Assistants is that, not only are you paying for an experienced pair of hands that can hit the ground running, you pay exactly what it says on the tin – there are no sneaky surprises or additional obligations, as it’s all covered!

The fee that you pay is an investment into a flexible solution that moulds to fit around your evolving business requirements without the need to fill time with unnecessary tasks.

It has been documented time and time that increased efficiency leads to more profitability in the long run… 

Or if you'd like to look at it in another way: what will it cost you to let your business growth suffer because you no longer have the time to manage all of your internal operations effectively?

As an independent company, MelSa Productivity is fully insured, a registered data controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office, DBS-vetted and solely responsible for the relevant overheads – so all that’s left for you to do is to invest in outsourcing your business support headaches!

Ready to invest in outsourcing your business support in a more cost-effective way? Let’s talk about your requirements in more detail…